Vaginal Rejuvenation - Labiaplasty

Posted By:Dr. Ritesh Anand On 2022/02/02

Vaginal rejuvenation essentially covers everything that changes or alters the vaginal anatomy. It includes both internal and external structures. It is a process that enhances either the appearance or the function of the vagina. These procedures may benefit women both for health reasons and aesthetically. Vaginal Rejuvenation can be surgical as well as non-surgical procedures. These procedures are performed to tighten, repair, or improve the sexual function or appearance of the inner or outer vagina. In surgical procedure the surgeries may include vaginoplasty,labiaplasty, and many others. For aesthetic and physical enhancement of female genitalia, these procedures have gained plenty of traction to become a suitable option.

These procedures offer relief from conditions such as post pregnancy and aging that influence the usual function of the genitalia. They may also offer relief from physical trauma to the genetic deformity or a genital area. However, generally vaginal rejuvenation procedures are performed to improve the sensation felt during sex and for cosmetic reasons.

With new technologies and techniques vaginal rejuvenation is gaining popularity. It is a group of cosmetic procedures which is advancing rapidly. These procedures might be considered for getting a better-toned, more attractive, and better functioning “designer vagina”.


Most women are seeking vaginal rejuvenation with the sole purpose of cosmetic reasons. Before moving forward with the surgery it is important for the women to consider why she need this surgery, just like any other cosmetic surgery. It is important that the women should inquire about these procedures for herself and not due to the pressure of society or her sex partner. Self-confidence enhancement usually plays a good role in decision making.

Options for Vaginal Rejuvenation

There are different kinds of vaginal rejuvenation procedures available today. The vaginal rejuvenation procedures are categorised into three major groups by aesthetic gynaecologists and plastic surgeons. Surgical inner vaginal rejuvenation, surgical outer vaginal rejuvenation, and non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures are the three different groups. Vaginoplasty, perineoplasty, and hymenoplasty procedures are the surgeries which focusses on the internal vaginal areas. In surgical outer vaginal rejuvenation, the focus is on the outer, external parts of the vagina. Labiaplasty, labia augmentation with fat transfer, clitoral hood reduction, and monsplasty are the common methods of surgical outer vaginal rejuvenation. The most popular methods of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure are Labia Augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, O-Shot and G-Shot.

Among others Labiaplasty is the most well-known procedure for vaginal rejuvenation

What is involved in labiaplasty?

There are two main types of procedures to address the labia minora: edge resection and wedge resection. Both of which are usually done under anaesthesia.Edge resection involves trimming the “excess” protruding edges of the labia, the way you’d trim your hair during a haircut, for instance.Wedge resection maintains the original labial edges by cutting wedge-shaped slivers of skin out of the centre of the labia minora, bringing the remaining skin together with dissolvable sutures.Procedures to address the labia majora typically go one of two ways:

  • cutting out tissue or using liposuction on labia that are longer or fuller than desired

  • injecting fat or other filler material to plump labia that aren’t as full as desired

Does labiaplasty affect sensation?

Most labiaplasties do as they are intended to do - shorten the labia. So, patients who elect to get the procedure because their OG labia was getting twisted, tugged, or teared will find relief. According to a study, 91 percent of people who had the procedure felt “more satisfied” with their genital appearance afterwards and concluded that “labiaplasty is effective in improving genital appearance and sexual satisfaction.”

How long does labiaplasty take to heal?

This treatment is usually an outpatient procedure i.e. patient get to recuperate at home. But that doesn’t mean the procedure isn’t a big one.In fact, Doctor advises patients to take at least 3 to 7 days off work.People recovering from the procedure are usually advised to:

  • Wear loose clothing to avoid friction and excessive pain.
  • Take salt or sitz baths to relieve soreness.
  • Avoid exercise and rigorous activities.
  • Abstain from tampon use and sex for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

It is worth mentioning that patient can also reduce pain and swelling by laying with bottom elevated to reduce swelling. Patient can also place an ice pack over your underwear “20 minutes on, 20 minutes off” increments.While most swelling will be gone after 6 weeks, residual swelling may take 6 months to disappear.

How much does it cost for labiaplasty?

Surgeons suggests labiaplasty can run from INR 2,40,000 to INR 6,40,000 but of course it will vary depending on your city and the practice.