Breast Augmentation (Implant) In Delhi

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. One such aspect of a womans beauty is the bosom that renders feminity and a sensual appeal to her. However, lets face what is the fact, Whenever someone turns on the television or flips on the glossy magazine covers all you can see is women with such sculpted body that puts perfection to shame. While some are blessed with such perfect bosom others have to take help of technology in order to attain those enviable breasts. Breast augmentation surgery is one such technique that can render you the shape and size of breast you always wanted for yourself.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, which is also known as mammoplasty is a type of surgical procedure that is aimed at increasing and improving the breast size and shape or enhancing the fullness of the breast. In this technique, the surgeon places saline, silicone or alternative composite implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles. Any woman can opt for this procedure who wants to

  • Enhance the size of her breasts which are normally smaller in size
  • Restore the shape and size of her breasts after her pregnancy
  • Bring symmetry to her asymmetrical breasts.
  • Restore the breast size after a surgical procedure

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What Types Of Breast Implants Are Available?

Breast implants refer to the prostheses that are placed inside the breast in order to either reconstruct, reshape or augment the breast size. Common types of breast implants are

Saline implants

These types of implants are filled with a saline solution that is held in an elastomer silicone shell. The amount of saline solution in these shells varies that determines the shape, feel and firmness of the breast.

Silicone implants

These type of implants comprise of a silicone baser outer shell that is filled with silicone gel. In case silicone gel leaks it stays within the shell or leaks into the breast implant pocket. A regular ultrasound or MRI must be done from time to time in order to check the state of these implants.

Alternative composite implants

These type of implants may be filled with, soy oil polypropylene string or some other material.

What Breast Augmentation Surgery Can Do?

Breast augmentation surgery can not only enhance the size of your breast but can also reshape them make them firmer than ever before. Women who are facing the sagginess of their breasts due to advancing age, pregnancy or any traumatic event such as cancer can expect to regain the firmness and fullness in their breasts with breast augmentation surgery.


What Breast Augmentation Surgery Cant Do?

There are some things your breast augmentation surgery won’t do for you are

  • They won’t last forever
  • You wont be able to resume work immediately after the surgery especially if the implants are placed in the muscles.
  • It can affect breastfeeding in near future.
  • You can not go for this method if you are a chain smoker and have a strong history of breast cancer in your family.

What Is The Cost Of Breast Augmentation?

The cost of breast augmentation in India depends upon several factors like the place and surgeon from whom you are getting this procedure done, the type of implant you are going for and the size of the implant. The implants generally range somewhere between 40,000-50,000 and the cost of surgery ranges from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs.

What Are The Risks Of Breast Augmentation?

Every surgical procedure has some or the other risks involved and breast augmentation procedure is no different. Some of the common risks include

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Sensation in the breast or nipples, which are temporarily
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Rupturing or leaking of the implant
Breast Augmentation Aftercare

Some of the aftercare tips of breast augmentation surgery are

Take some rest

Breast augmentation is a major surgery that does not allow you to lift heavy weights or carry out strenuous tasks for a few weeks after the surgery.

Pain management.

You are likely to feel pain and tightness around your chest, for which you will be prescribed certain pain-relieving medications to help you overcome the pain and discomfort.

Get proper sleep and rest

You must take complete rest for few days after this procedure to help you recover faster.

Hydrate yourself and consume plenty of healthy food

It is important to keep yourself hydrated and consume lighter food to help you feel less nauseous due to this procedure.


Recovery depends on how well you follow the instructions given by your surgeon. In some cases, there might be a need for drainage tubes to be placed near the breasts, followed by a follow-up appointment for removing them. You will also be advised to do some follow up exercises such as arm flexes, or moving the arm a few weeks after the surgery for quicker delivery.