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Breast Reduction Surgery In Delhi

The large and heavy breasts can cause some serious discomfort and physical pain in many women. Large breasts can be a reason of embarrassment for many. Droopy breasts often cause skin irritation due to constant friction against the skin of the abdomen. These women also find difficulties when exercising or finding the right clothing. For these women, breast reduction surgery may provide a solution by defining your breasts and helping you to feel comfortable with your body.

How Do I Know If I Need A Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is suitable for you if you are suffering from the following problems associated with large breasts:

  • Back, shoulder pain and additional strain on the neck
  • Limitations in exercising, sports or any other physical activity
  • Skin rashes or irritation under breast area
  • Droopy, asymmetrical breast
  • Difficulty in wearing a certain type of clothes due to breast size and posture

Self-consciousness: feeling uncomfortable with your own body, affecting your confidence and your mental well-being. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you may need breast reduction surgery for pain or discomfort relief or for aesthetic reasons by improving the looks of sagging or droopy breasts.

What To Expect During The Breast Reduction Procedure?

It is a moderately complex surgery and takes around one to three hours to complete depending on the amount of tissue to be removed. During surgery, youll be placed under general anesthesia. Your doctor will make an incision and remove any extra tissue, glandular fat, and excess skin. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the size of the breast tissue, the breast skin is lifted and followed by repositioning of the nipple and areola area. The breast will be contoured for achieving a natural look.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is fairly intensive surgery and requires 3-4 months of the recovery period. During this healing time, avoid heavy exercises, smoking, and take good care of the surgical site. You can get back to your regular, non-strenuous routine from the first week.

There will be some scarring depending upon the technique used, which will fade in a few months. Drink plenty of water. Adhere to the guidelines given by your surgeon for better recovery and a reduced chance of complications.

Eligible Candidate For Breast Reduction Surgery In Delhi

Oversized breasts can be a reason for various health problems. Emotional impact and self-image issues are also associated. The uncomfortable, large, and painful breasts can impede the ability to perform certain activities. Get connected with Dr Ritesh Anad for the best breast reduction surgery in Delhi NCR at affordable prices.

Breast reduction surgery can help overcome the discomfort and emotional stress associated with large breasts.

One can be an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery in the following conditions:

  • Be physically healthy without any chronic or uncontrolled disease.
  • Should not smoke, as smoking can affect recovery post-surgery.
  • Have breasts that impede your daily activities or exercise module.
  • Experiencing extreme pain in the neck, back, and shoulders due to overweighing breasts.
  • Oversized breasts cause skin irritation and problems beneath the breasts.
  • If you have a realistic approach to breast reduction surgery.

How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost?

For considering any surgery, price is one of the important deciding factors. The breast reduction surgery cost will depend upon the following criteria:

  • Location and reputation of the Clinic
  • Expertise and qualification of Surgeon
  • Type of technique
  • Expected results i.e. the extent and complexity of surgery required.

Overall, large breasts cause many physical and emotional problems. Breast reduction surgery does not only improve the aesthetic appearance of your breast but also relieves pain and offers incredible health benefits.

How much does a breast reduction cost in India?

India has been a medical centre where people around the world visit India for medical treatments and cosmetic procedures. This is primarily due to the expertise, facilities, and cost-effective treatments hospitals and clinics across the country offer. 

The average cost of breast reduction surgery in India is Rs. 1,30,000. While the prices can go up to Rs. 2,44,000, depending on the number of breasts operated on, the condition of the patient, the city, and more.

How much does breast reduction cost Delhi?

Breast Reduction is a procedure where the large, heavy breasts are reduced by surgically removing fats, tissues, and skin from them. Breast reduction surgery improves aesthetic appearance while eliminating the medical and functional issues caused due to heavy breasts-back pain, neck pain, asymmetrical breasts, and more. 

The average cost of breast reduction surgery in Delhi ranges between Rs. 1,30,000 to 2,00,000. The varying costs can be due to the type of breast reduction procedure adopted, the clinic’s amenities, and others.

How many cup sizes can you go down with breast reduction?

Results vary from patient to patient. It is based on how much volume you want to lose, the technique used, and your body type. In a typical procedure, breast size may be reduced up to half the size, while most patients go down one to two cup sizes post-surgery. During your initial consultation, your doctor will discuss your aesthetic expectations and evaluate your breast composition; he/she will show you before and after pictures of previous patients and will set a clear picture of the expected results of surgery.

How Do I Choose A Plastic Surgeon For Breast Reduction Surgery?

The results of surgery are in the hands of the expert and breast reduction requires a combination of anatomical knowledge and aesthetic sense. Therefore, be sure to check your surgeons qualifications, expertise, and patients reviews.

Not every surgeon is qualified or experienced in every procedure; thus, confirm that surgeons experience is in the desired breast reduction technique you want. Check before and after photos of previous patients to get a good understanding of the surgeons skills and aesthetic sense.

Dr. Ritesh Anand is a qualified Plastic & cosmetic Surgeon holding the highest qualification in the field with experience of over 16 years. He has a keen interest in the field of cosmetic surgery which helps him to apply the modern techniques of cosmetic surgeries.

How Painful Is A Breast Reduction?

As with any surgery, there is bound to be some pain and discomfort ranging from one to four weeks depending upon technique and extent of operation. During the procedure, you will be put under anesthesia and will not feel any pain. You will experience some soreness and discomfort right after the surgery but pain can be managed by taking prescribed pain medications.

Stitches used are removed in 10-12 days or if dissolvable stitches are used, they dissolve in two weeks. Also, your doctor may recommend wearing a sports bra for minimizing bruising and swelling.

Who is the best breast reduction surgeon in India?

Plastic & cosmetic surgeons perform breast reduction surgery. The surgery involves extensive experience and expertise to analyse the patients condition and requirements. 

Dr. Ritesh Anand in Delhi , India, is well-renowned for his diligence and comprehensive treatment. He can give you your desired aesthetic look through various cosmetic procedures, including breast reduction surgery in Delhi.

Why Choose Dr Ritesh for the best breast reduction surgery in Delhi?

Dr Ritesh Anand is one of the most prominent names in the world of plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Delhi and NCR region . He is a highly qualified and immensely experienced doctor who treats his patients with extreme dedication and perseverance. 

He specialises in various domains of plastic and cosmetic treatment procedures, including breast reduction, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty,Liposuction, Gynaecomastia , Breast Augmenation, Breast lift, and other Non invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox, fillers, Thread Lift etc. . He trains his colleagues and staff while he keeps them updated with the latest in plastic and cosmetic techniques. 

He offers a patient-centric approach with a detailed diagnosis and individualised treatment plan. Dr Ritesh is a renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon in gurgaon. Connect Now.


The recovery times for breast reduction surgery differs for each individual, however, regardless of the situation patients should avoid regular activities for at least several weeks. Patients should also avoid vigorous activity and exercise for longer.

Breast reduction surgery is performed only when the breasts are fully developed. After breast growth, the surgery can be performed on women of any age.

Irrespective of the procedure, all surgeries carry some risk of complications, however, breast reduction surgery itself is typically very safe. Some of the most common complications in this procedure are infections, loss of nipple sensation and breast reduction scars. Additionally, most patients have a lollipop-shaped scar that circles the nipple and includes a straight line down to the crease under the breast, or an anchor-shaped scar along the fold under the breast; this scar is red in color and should fade over time.

The average time taken for a complete breast reduction surgery is approximately two to four hours. During the consultation, the doctor may also provide an estimate of how long the particular procedure will take.

All surgical procedures do carry an element of risk. Although breast reduction surgeries are safe and effective that decrease the heaviness of the breasts, they can lead to certain side effects such as:

  • Pain, swelling, and bruising that subsides over time. 
  • Possible infection,
  • Temporary loss of nipple sensation,
  • Scars at the site of incisions,

Breast reduction surgery removes extra fat layers, tissues, and skin from the breasts. Simultaneously the surgeon relocates the nipples and areola to give the desired aesthetic look during the surgery.

Generally, the average breast tissue removed in most breast reduction surgeries is 450-500 grams. Apart from larger breast reduction, you can also lose nearly one kg of your total body weight through this procedure.

The breasts are reduced by cup sizes, like one or two cup sizes. There is no particular size of the breast to be reduced. However, the reduced breasts should proportionate to or complement the body size.

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