Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Botox and Fillers

Posted By:Dr. Ritesh Anand On 2022/02/10

The field of cosmetic surgery is in the phase of rapid and revolutionary developments. The amalgamation of science and aesthetics has brought unfathomable techniques to keep your best look for longer years. Anti-wrinkle injections like Botox and derma fillers are enjoying unprecedented popularity. People are even getting preventive injections to adorn their experience with an eternal youthful look. With so many developments the market is flooded with practitioners and products. It is important to find the right person for your treatment. Dr. Ritesh Anand has a rich experience of nearly 16 years in the field and specializes in the anti-wrinkles injectables in Delhi. He is well versed with the latest technology that ensures an exceptional result with maximum comfort to the patients.


Fillers are popularly used to address sunken eyes, cheeks, and other depressed facial areas. Fillers provide a smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin. They are capable of enhancing your entire facial profile. The areas that are commonly targeted by fillers include bracket lines, hollow cheeks, and under-eyes. These are also popularly to create fuller and highlighted lips which have become a trend in the past decade. In its early days, the collagen used to be a standard substance used in fillers. However, with time hyaluronic acid fillers have taken over the market. The most recent fillers are those which use your own fat to provide volume to your face. These types of fillers are quickly gaining pace as they cause to foreign-element sensitivity. The following information can provide you more confidence and assurance while entering a cosmetic clinic.

How long do fillers last?
The longevity of fillers depends upon the filling substance used. The effect of a hyaluronic filler stays for six to twelve months. Synthetic fillers last a little longer with twelve to eighteen months of visible results. Fat transfer fillers are applied by drawing your body fat, processing it and injecting it in the affected area. When the fat of your body is used in fillers, it might get absorbed by the body. This may cause the depressions on your face to re-appear. But this situation is not very likely to happen. In many cases, these fillers give long-lasting results that stay for years.

How much do fillers cost?
Just like the longevity of the results, the cost of the fillers is also determined by the substance used. Fat transfer fillers may cost you a little more as compared to non-fat fillers. However, filler treatments are repeated for sustaining results. Many clinics offer packages that include multiple treatments to improve your overall facial appearance. These packages make the treatment affordable. Also, make sure that you do not compromise with the treatment quality to adjust your budget. Dr. Ritesh Anand provides the highest quality fillers treatment in Delhi with excellent results and the most honest pricing. Fillers cost around 7000-18,000 per session depending on the area and the type of fillers used.

Do fillers hurt?
Filler injections may cause slight uneasiness. Generally, injections do not cause constant pain but create a stinging. The level of discomfort depends on your tolerance and the area being treated. For instance, fillers for the nasolabial area may cause a short-term burning sensation. If you are highly sensitive and cannot stand the stinging and burning, your doctor can give you local anesthesia. The discomfort fades away post-treatment after some time.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections, popularly known as Botox, contain botulinum toxin. This compound has been the secret of the eternal youthful face of many celebrities across the world. The material is carefully injected into the affected area on your face. It works as a muscle relaxant and prevents your skin from folding and creasing. It is highly effective in addressing wrinkles, expression lines, turkey neck, and crows feet around eyes.

Where can you get Botox?
Botox is necessarily available on prescriptions. Although, people who inject them can, not be a medical practitioner. Beauty clinics usually have a doctor for prescribing and monitoring injection usage. Make sure that you get the treatment by a qualified and experienced doctor or at least have expert supervision. This little awareness can save you from any future consequences.

How much does Botox cost?
Botox is more preferred over other injectables due to their affordability. These are an ideal way of getting a younger looking skin without burdening your pockets. The exact cost of the treatment can be evaluated only by ascertaining the amount of drug required. The cost may also differ from one practitioner to another. Another factor that contributes to cost is the activeness of your muscles. If your muscles are sufficiently active, you may need a lesser drug for the desired result. You can visit Dr. Ritesh Anand for the best-quality treatment at the most reasonable price. Botox takes around 6000 INR per session, whereas the forehead region is priced at Rs 15000-18,000 INR per session in Delhi.

How long does Botox last?
Botox is not a one-time treatment. The results are excellent but last only for up to a quarter year. You can always go for the repeated sessions at regular intervals for retaining the outcomes.

Non-cosmetic uses for Botox
Botox is a multipurpose drug that is used to address many issues. It is widely used in reducing excess sweating. It can be used at any body part and longevity of results depends on the body area being treated. It can also help in incontinence. It can relieve chronic migraine and teeth grinding for many people.