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Best Hair Loss Treatment In Delhi

Every now and then we can hear people complaining about the amount of hair they lose on an everyday basis. Hair is a valuable asset of every individual that is made up of keratin produced in the hair follicles in the outer layer of skin. As follicles generate new hair cells the old ones withers away and fall down. It is absolutely normal to see about 100 strands of hair every day. However, if you are witnessing the extreme loss of hair then it is a matter of great concern and just the beginning of what we call baldness! Consult the hair specialist in Delhi for hair loss problem. Now let us have a look about the possible hair loss treatment options for it.

Common Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss/fall can occur because of more than one reasons, some of which are

Hormonal changes: abnormal levels of androgen could be responsible for hair fall in both men and women.

Genetic factors: your genes play a major role in deciding your predisposition to the condition of hair fall and baldness.

Medications: certain kinds of medicines such as chemotherapy drugs, blood thinners, birth control pills and medications for high blood pressure can aggravate the hair fall.

Stress, illnesses, and childbirth: major life events like childbirth or extreme stress or illnesses are also responsible for your precious hair to fall out.

Injuries or burns: any sort of injuries or burns on your scalp can leave a scar, a place where the hair will never regrow.

What Is Hair Re-growth Treatment For Hair Loss?

Human blood as we know is rich in red blood cells and plasma, the plasma part of which consists of white blood cells and growth factors. This very fact has been used in cosmetic procedures and is now an excellent remedy for hair loss. HAIR RE-GROWTH TREATMENT is also known as Hair Re-growth factors for hair loss is a three-step procedure where a person’s blood is drawn and processed and further injected into the scalp. It is believed that the growth factors present in your blood are responsible for the growth of new hair follicles that greatly helps in averting hair fall.


The potential role of HAIR RE-GROWTH TREATMENT in hair regrowth has taken the world by storm. In this process, the blood that is drawn from your own body is centrifuged and separated for plasma. To this plasma solutions, the protein and other nutrients are added and injected directly into your scalp where the thinning and baldness is appearing. The platelets that are injected in the scalp prompts the growth of new follicles and pushes them to enter a phase of regrowth, thereby rendering you alleviation from hair fall.


The process of HAIR RE-GROWTH TREATMENT including the preparation of the solution to the injection takes around 90 minutes. One treatment in a month is advised for the initial four months, after which two maintenance treatment needs to be done yearly. These are simple in-office procedures, with a rapid recovery time that has no side effects as your own blood is involved in the procedure.


HAIR RE-GROWTH TREATMENT is a promising hair loss treatment option not only for the domain of hair loss but has its use in other fields like cosmetic procedures and sports medicines also. The results you obtain with HAIR RE-GROWTH TREATMENT stays for around 12 months. HAIR RE-GROWTH TREATMENT will improve the growth of your existing hair, reduces hair fall and reverses thinning, giving you a head full of lusciously thick hair.

  • In this treatment, your scalp is numbed by giving you a mild local anesthetic that saves you from unwanted pain.
  • It uses your own blood that diminishes the chances of allergies and infections.
  • It is a very comfortable in-office procedure that only takes around an hour to finish.
  • The success rate of Platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair growth is quite high as compared to other methods of hair regrowth such as hair transplant.
Post-Treatment Benefits
  • In several cases, the platelets reverse the thinning of your scalp hair gradually over a span of a few months, which is better for your hair regrowth as you might take some time to adjust to your new hair.
  • You are not restricted from performing your daily activities such as combing, washing or shampooing your hair several hours after getting this treatment
What To Expect After HAIR RE-GROWTH TREATMENT Therapy?

It can take anywhere around six to twelve months to see the results of HAIR RE-GROWTH TREATMENT fully. The improvements can be checked by measuring the hair mass index (HMI) with the help of a hair check device. These measurements are taken quarterly after the treatment where there is a significant improvement in HMI or in layman’s language the density or thickness of the hair improves. Thus you get a thicker, longer and a head full of hair just like you always wanted for yourself, adding that extra charm to your personality!

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