Young at age, but the early ageing signs have already started to show? The fine lines around the eyes and forehead are the first ageing signs everyone encounters. However, these signs showing up early at a very young age implies early ageing. 

Most of the young population do have issues with premature ageing signs due to stress, pollution, and other lifestyle problems. Some may flaunt them as “a wise look”, while others can get distressed with the bothering wrinkles overwhelming them. 

Anti wrinkle treatment in Gurgaon includes anti-wrinkle injections that smoothens the creases around the eyes, forehead and prevents wrinkling of the skin. 

Reasons for premature ageing

Skin changes become evident as we age. But, when they appear early in life, it may be due to certain controllable and preventable factors like environmental or lifestyle aspects. This type of premature ageing is also known as extrinsic ageing. Some of the common causes of premature ageing are attributed to,

  • Exposure to the suns harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays or constant sun exposure can result in early ageing or photoageing. Photoageing is a consequence of 90% of the visible skin changes. The UV radiations penetrate deeper skin layers to damage the skin cells, causing age spots, acne, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. 
  • The other form of light radiation that the body gets exposed to is HEV, or blue light and infrared light. The sun and electronic devices emit these radiations, often felt as heat. These radiations break down collagen and elastin- the essential proteins for skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Lifestyle habits like smoking lead to inhalation of toxins, such as nicotine, that damage collagen and elastin of the skin, causing wrinkles and sagging.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption can dehydrate the body, causing skin damage and premature ageing. 
  • Low sleep quality, stress, and poor nutrition intake pump up cortisol, which can affect collagen and hyaluronan, making the skin cells age faster. 
  • Medical conditions or disorders, such as bloom syndrome, Werner’s syndrome, and others, can lead to premature ageing signs.

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How does Anti-wrinkle treatment work?

Anti wrinkle treatment in Gurgaon helps reverse premature ageing signs- wrinkles, fine lines, creases, and sagging skin. The anti-wrinkle treatment accommodates injectables that work as neuromodulators. 

These injectables like botulinum injections, block the nerve signals of the injected muscles and curb the process of wrinkling.

The common targeted regions of these injections include:

  • Fine lines on the forehead,
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows,
  • Smile lines, crows feet surrounding the eyes,
  • Squint lines near the nose,
  • Lines at the cheek bones.

Anti wrinkle treatment options In Gurgaon

You can have a youthful, glowing skin by the following anti wrinkle treatment in Gurgaon or anywhere.

Botulinum injectables

The botulinum toxin is an FDA approved cosmetic treatment for those who desire to reverse early ageing signs. These botulinum injections can be injected into the wrinkle site that temporarily reduces the muscle activity by targeting the nerve impulses of the area. 

This non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatment has no downtime, minimal side-effects, and results can be seen within 3 to 5 days of the treatment. However, these results though seem long-lasting, are not permanent and require repeated treatments in a gap of 3-4 months. 

Dysport injections

These are pain-free injectables that help eliminate frown lines and wrinkles, especially on the forehead. These injections work similar to botulinum but are a slightly different formulation of botulinum. 

This type of treatment can last anywhere from 6 months to a year and results can be visible as quickly as 1-2 days. However, one may need repeated treatments every 4 months for effective results. 

Xeomin Injections

These are one of the newest FDA approved treatments for a more natural anti-wrinkle solution. The Xeomin injections are different from dysport and botulinum with no protein additives. 

It is considered a more precise and effective treatment for people having resistance to neurotoxin injectables. These are pretty quick and minimally-invasive treatments with no downtime and longevity varying between people and the skin conditions. 

The xeomin injections are safe and effective with results visible within 2-3 days of the treatment. 

The best plastic surgeon in Gurgaon or elsewhere can guide you through the injectable type, number of sessions required, the downtime of treatment, and the risks involved.

Benefits of Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Anti wrinkle treatment in Gurgaon can contribute to an array of aesthetic benefits, such as:

  • Diminished visible ageing signs- fine lines, wrinkles
  • Bestowed with a refreshed, young glow or brightness
  • Enhances your natural skin
  • Revitalises the skin from within
  • Promotes collagen production 
  • Allows formation of new skin cells and elimination of dead skin cells
  • The result can be achieved with minimum downtime
  • Prevent premature ageing signs or sagging skin
  • Prevent the risk of skin ailments
  • Most of the procedures are non-invasive or minimally-invasive

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