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  • Are your lips lacking volume and youthfulness? 
  • Or are the lips losing their fullness with age? 
  • Or Are you looking for a treatment to regain plump, fuller lips?

The lips are one of the most sensual parts of the body. Women aspire to have fuller, appealing lips. For women looking for a treatment for lip fillers in Gurgaon, lip augmentation can add charm to your personality with voluminous, alluring lips. 

Lip Augmentation is an outpatient cosmetic procedure that alters the lip, giving it a fuller, younger-looking lips. They can be surgical or non-surgical procedures that add more volume to the lips through different techniques like lip fillers, fat transfer, and lip lifts. 

Lip augmentation procedures are generally personalised depending on the lip shape, size, and requirement. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on factors such as the type of procedure and individual requirements. Lip grafts can, however, benefit long-lasting effects with permanent solutions for naturally looking lips.

Different Types of Lip Fillers in Gurgaon

Lip augmentation involves lip fillers that can give you a fuller lip and enhance your overall look. Here are some of the most common types of fillers used. Your doctor will choose the right type of lip filler according to your requirements and condition. 

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers

Contain hyaluronic acids that are naturally generated by the body. Restylane and Juvederm are common hyaluronic acid lip fillers. 

Collagen Lip Fillers

Another common type of lip filler after hyaluronic acid fillers. Collagen is a naturally bioavailable skin protein that improves elasticity, hydration, and firmness. 

Silicone lip fillers

Silicone lip fillers last longer than collagen and hyaluronic acid lip fillers. These are similar to implants and fill the lip space making it look fuller and more prominent. 

Fat-based lip fillers

The surgeon will inject fat cells extracted from other fat-filled sites like the abdomen and thighs. Recovery time is slower than the other types of lip fillers. However, these types of filler provide natural and permanent results.


Lip augmentation can significantly benefit in giving plump, fuller lips. Injectable fillers give the lips and the area around the lips a distinctly natural look. 

 Hyaluronic acid is the most common filler used nowadays. Collagen, fat implants and other fillers pump up the lips volume, structure, and shape. Here are some of the potential benefits of lip augmentation. 

  • The fillers injections support and strengthen the inner tissues while giving a natural shape to the lips. 
  • Filler injections can be given gradually and progressively until the desired shape or structure is achieved. 
  • They cause fewer allergic reactions. However, if you experience bruising or swelling after treatment, you need to contact the doctor immediately.
  • Lip augmentation ensures fewer possibilities of swelling, bruising, lumps, or bumps over the lips. 
  • It assures improved soft tissue lip augmentation outcomes with safe and effective treatments.

How much do lip fillers cost in India?

Usually, 1 to 3 ml of lip fillers are used, depending on factors, such as area of treatment, defect correction required, and others. The cost of lip fillers in Gurgaon and the rest of India can be anywhere from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 per ml of filler used. 

The overall cost of lip augmentation done by the best plastic surgeon in Gurgaon or elsewhere depends on various factors, including:

  • The type of dermal fillers used,
  • The area of treatment,
  • The severity of the condition to be treated,
  • Expertise and experience of the surgeon,
  • Clinic amenities and city of treatment

The cost of fillers does vary in different aspects. But, one needs to understand that the outcomes of the fillers depend on the type of filler used. Using fillers that suit your skin type and needs is essential for effective and better results. 

And a proper pre-treatment diagnosis and post-treatment care are also vital to ensure the desired result.

How much do lip fillers cost in Delhi?

Lip fillers in Gurgaon and Delhi are calculated based on the volume of fillers used for correction. The cost of lip fillers in Gurgaon and Delhi can range from Rs. 20,000 to 30,000 depending on various cost-affecting factors.

Fast Facts About Lip Fillers

Lip injectable fillers have become a popular cosmetic treatment for those worrying about thin, asymmetrical lips. Lip fillers give you the benefit of having good-shaped and fuller pouting lips. 

Here are some of the facts you need to check while opting for lip fillers in Gurgaon and elsewhere. 

  • Types of lip fillers have improved over the years, and the updated lip filler type can give better, natural, and long-lasting results. 
  • After the lip augmentation treatment, it takes a few weeks to see the outcome. 
  • How long the lip fillers last varies from patient to patient. 
  • All the lip filler types except for silicone are composed of naturally produced chemicals of the body that naturally gel with the skin. 
  • Lip fillers are painless treatments.
  • Lip fillers do not cause the lips to sag and do not give duck-like lips.
  • Before, after, and during treatment, care is essential for lip augmentation treatment. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and intense workouts that can slow down healing.

Why Choose Dr Ritesh Anand For Lip Fillers in Gurgaon?

Get the fullness and youthfulness of your lips with lip fillers by Dr. Ritesh Anand. Dr. Anand brings to the table over 16 years of experience in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. He is highly qualified in various fields of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery .

Lip filler treatments in Gurgaon are unique, as their requirement, type, and modalities differ between individual needs and skin. Dr. Anand ensures the most comprehensive fillers in Gurgaon, where you can cherish naturally-looking lips.

He ensures his team of doctors and staff take you through every cosmetology process smoothly and hassle-free before, during, and after the procedure.

He endures the newest technologies and makes it a point to give the precise diagnosis and treatment at the best price. And those wishing for symmetrical and fuller lips, lip fillers by Dr. Ritesh Anand ensure uncompromising quality and desirable, realistic outcomes.


Lip fillers, irrespective of the type of fillers, can cost up to 25,000 per ml. Lip fillers commonly used in India include hyaluronic acid, silicone oil, collagen, and others.

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