Cosmetic Surgery Face and Neck Lifts - The Why and How

Posted By:Dr. Ritesh Anand On 2022/02/04

Cosmetic Surgery also known as the aesthetic surgery technically aims for the alteration and restoration of the body part to enhance their appearance and has become a promising field of plastic surgery.

Facelift and neck lift are the most sought after aesthetic treatments in the present day and time which tighten and lift the skin on your face and neckline under your chin. The natural process of aging happens to all and progressively loosens the skin and makes the muscles slacken. The effects of daily stress, exposure to environmental factors like sun, pollution, and gravity are most visible on your face then the rest of the body. These factors deepen the folds and smile lines, droops the mouth corners, make the jawline and neck skin saggy, and develop wrinkles around /the lips. Similar changes in your appearance can be seen due to substantial weight loss. The procedure of facelift and neck lift can help you regain your youthful self with tighter rejuvenated skin.

Why you should have Facelift and Neck lift?

Over time your skin loses its elasticity and droops. Also, the natural fat under your skin becomes saggy resulting in an aged appearance. The rate of change in the looks is usually determined by your genes and lifestyle. This rate that is reflected on your face may not be exact reflects the rate that your body and mind are aging. This is the most convincing reason for taking up facelift and neck lift procedures to attain the balance and rejuvenate your appearance to sync with your real self. It is also a great boost to your confidence while socializing, at work or home.

This type of cosmetic surgery provides the best results when the fat under the skin may sag with the skin still have the elasticity. The results are better if you have a strong and well-defined bone structure supporting your face. Mostly these surgeries opted between the 40s and 60s, but if you are lively and cheerful, you may consider these procedures even in your 70s and 80s.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Before your treatment, your surgeon will examine your general medical and health condition and medication that you might be taking including herbal ones. Once your healthy state is ascertained you can decide to take these treatments. Your surgeon would take pictures of your face and neck for medical records. For such type of cosmetic surgery, a blood examination can also be part of the pre-surgical evaluation. Like any other surgical process, your surgeon will ask you to give up smoking, discontinue using any anti-inflammatory pain relievers, blood thinners, or herbal supplements to minimize the risk of bleeding. You are also required to maintain a healthy body weight with proper diet and regular exercise. Plan all such procedures like hair perming, bleaching, coloring, etc before the surgery to avoid contamination of fresh scars from the effect of these chemicals. It is advised to take a companion to accompany you through the procedure and assist you for a couple of days.

How the surgery is performed?

Like any other surgery, these procedures are also performed under a perfectly hygienic and pleasing environment. The facelift and neck lift surgeries can be performed as individual procedures or as a combined single procedure based on your specific need. The process is quite similar in both cases.

The procedure beings with sedation or local anesthesia to numb the portion that is to be treated during the surgery.
The next step is to make the incisions. For a Facelift, the cuts are made on both sides of the face. These cuts run from the front of the ears extended up along the hairline, around the earlobe to the back of the ear into the crease. The slit also goes to the lower scalp. If the neck lift is to be performed, a small slit under the chin is also required to be made.
The muscles in the neck and facial skin over and above it is pulled up and tightened. This lifted and tightened skin is stitched behind the ear into the solid facial structure. The excess skin is cut off closely and the remaining portion is sutured.
The process may disturb fat and tissues and sometimes requires the addition of fat to the face.
The stitches are often dissolvable sutures and are made in a way to blend with your hairline and solid facial structure.

The processes of a facelift and neck lift are intrigued and require professional skilled hands for successful accomplishment and best results. If you are planning to take any of the Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi, Dr. Ritesh Anand is your best choice. His clinic is a one spot solution to all your skin related issues. Dr. Ritesh has 16 years of experience and has accomplished a variety of treatments for a diverse set of clients with a high success rate. Supported with the latest certified technology and high level of dexterity, you are ensured of nothing less than excellence.