High Definition Liposuction

Posted By:Dr. Ritesh Anand On 2022/02/02

Check out below everything you need to know about high definition liposuction.

What is Vaser High Definition Liposuction?

Vaser high definition liposuction refers to a thorough multi-step procedure of contouring the body. It not only eliminates fat but also makes use of fat grafting and sculpting (as in conventional liposuction) for defining the muscles and producing more dramatic outcomes. It involves the only body contouring method that redefines the body with a highly fit appearance by removing additional fat.

Is Vaser Lipo better than regular lipo?

Vaser high definition liposuction is better than regular liposuction. Thats because the former lets the surgeon carry out a more accurate fat reduction by way of following the original muscular contours. It makes way for sculpting apart from the elimination of excess fat. The ultrasound technology employed in Vaser also cuts down trauma to nearby tissues. This can help you to have a faster recovery and reduced bruising. When this technique is used properly, you can also achieve a better shrinkage of your overlying skin.

What is the most effective liposuction?

Vaser high definition liposuction is the most effective form of liposuction treatment. This is because this technique can eliminate both the underneath fat layers and the fat present in your subdermal and superficial skin layers. In this way, this method can reach the fat present between your muscles and skin to remove it. This is considered to be the most vital factor in the manner high-definition liposuction sculpts your body rather than merely eliminating deep fat layers.

The effectiveness of Vaser high definition liposuction is credited due to the following benefits provided by this procedure:

  • It enables better skin retraction with smoother effects as in regular liposuction.
  • Treatment of multiple layers is possible covering most of your body in a single session than in conventional liposuction.
  • Vaser technology is able to distinguish between your connective tissue and fat in order to offer a gentler process than in regular liposuction. Hence, you’ll not have injuries to your nerves and blood vessels and will experience less swelling, pain and downtime post-treatment.
  • Multiple tools are employed which allow the surgeon to carry out customised treatments as per your suitable aesthetic results and requirements.
  • The surgeon can get rid of your fat from a site of your body and use it for shaping and sculpting other sites of your body such as your pecs, face, buttocks or breasts.
  • It allows the accurate sculpting of the treated sites to provide you with a high definition and athletic tone of your muscles.

How much weight can you lose with liposuction?

You can lose a maximum of 2-5 pounds in all, in most of the cases when you receive liposuction treatment.

How long does Vaser Lipo last?

The results of Vaser Lipo can be noticed completely after 2-3 months. By this time, your inflammation will have gone away. The skin will have completely tightened over the treated site by 6 months following treatment. However, since you can possibly regain weight after liposuction, you must definitely try maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the help of regular exercise and a balanced diet for achieving permanent results of the procedure.

How painful is Vaser Lipo?

The Vaser high definition liposuction method is absolutely painless as the surgeon carries it out under local anaesthesia. You might experience a little bit of discomfort later as an outcome of bruising and swelling. However, it’s not expected to affect your normal activities and you can conveniently manage it with pain-relief drugs.

How much does high definition liposuction cost in India?

High definition liposuction cost in India is around 1,85,000 INR on an average. The average costs of the procedure in the top cities of India are:

  • New Delhi: 1,40,000 INR
  • Mumbai: 1,45,000 INR
  • Chennai: 1,80,000 INR
  • Bangalore: 1,70,000 INR
  • Hyderabad: 1,95,000 INR
  • Ahmedabad: 2,20,000 INR
  • Nagpur: 1,30,000 INR
  • Pune: 1,45,000 INR
  • Gurgaon: 1,40,000 INR
  • Kolkata: 2,00,000 INR
  • Chandigarh: 1,80,000 INR
  • Jaipur: 1,55,000 INR
  • Noida: 1,40,000 INR
  • Kerala: 2,20,000 INR
  • Goa: 2,05,000 INR

Which country is the best for liposuction?

Since liposuction is very expensive in Western countries, India is the best for the surgery. India is well-known for offering the latest medical facilities and up-to-date technology for liposuction (including Vaser Lipo) at a comparatively lower price. Many top liposuction hospitals are in India.

Does Lipo permanently remove fat?

Liposuction can truly help in the permanent removal of fat cells from your body. Its use of a suction apparatus (aspirator) and a hollow tube (cannula) can suck out obstinate fat.

Liposuction cost in India?

Liposuction cost in India is usually around 40,000 INR to 1,85,000 INR on an average.

Vaser liposuction cost in India?

Vaser liposuction cost in India is around 1,90,000 INR on an average. It varies with cities and the reputation of clinics.