Liposuction Results Week By Week - When Will You See The Results?

Posted By:Dr. Ritesh Anand On 2023/05/10

Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgery to remove fat deposits to reshape or reduce the volume of fat in one or many body areas. Liposuction surgery is done for cosmetic or functional reasons and is done for many areas, including arms, neck, thighs, and chin. Abdomen and buttocks. It is also known as lipoplasty, lipectomy, and liposculpture. The technique is not at all a substitute for weight loss or a cure for obesity and is not also an effective treatment for cellulite or saggy skin. It is best to consult with your surgeon about the procedure and liposuction results week by week to get well prepared in advance. 

Who should opt for liposuction? 

Body image is the key concern for many people who opt for liposuction. Many have a healthy weight range but have fat deposits in specific body areas that do not respond to diet and exercise. This may be because of family traits instead of a lack of fitness. Liposuction is a surgery done to reshape specific body parts by removing extra fat deposits and improving the bodys appearance as well as proportion. The liposuction results are outstanding when done by an expert plastic surgeon. 

Things to consider before liposuction

Before you choose to have liposuction at the topmost clinic from the best plastic surgeon, there are some vital points you must keep in mind: 

Liposuction is a surgery suitable for those with bulges that persist despite regular exercise routine and a healthy diet. The technique is not best if you wish to lose weight. 

  • Before liposuction, if your skin is dimpled, it remains dimpled after the surgery.
  • If extra skin does not tighten post-liposuction, you may need a further procedure to remove that excess skin.
  • Smokers are at more risk of complications; to decrease the risk, they have to take care of their general health and quit smoking before surgery.
  • The final liposuction results may take a few months, and thus it is vital to wait before finalising your decision. 

Liposuction Results Week By Week- The recovery process 

Before you go for liposuction surgery, you must understand how to prepare for the procedure, what to expect, recovery tips, preparation, and final liposuction before and after the photo session. Different surgical processes result in different recovery processes; thus, it is better to ensure to discuss with your surgeon all details of your recovery and liposuction results. Keep in mind that many factors will affect your healing process that, includes 

  • Age,
  • Areas of treatment, 
  • Amount of fat removed, 
  • Patients activeness.

About liposuction results - What to expect post-surgery 

Liposuction is an immediate fat reduction treatment, but it does not mean that you will get instant results. Let us discuss in detail the liposuction results week by week, as it will help you with what to expect post-surgery. The surgery is done under general anesthesia. Immediately after the liposuction surgery, you will feel a bit sleepy because of the sedation that is used. Next day of the surgery , the patient will be sent home wearing a compression garment around the area that has been treated. These are the special garments that help in the healing process and also assist in reducing swelling and shaping the skin to the bodys new contours. The patient must wear this garment for some time and expect some discomfort for a few days. However, the surgeon will prescribe pain-relieving medications.

Initial 3 days 

Within 3 days post-liposuction, you might experience mild pain and swelling, and your doctor will give you the medication you will take to treat the condition. Doctors have packed some drains on surgical sites to avoid the accumulation of liquid around the incision. The compression garment will help you recover quickly, reducing swelling and giving your body a new appearance. Ensure you keep your physical activity to a minimum during recovery to get the best liposuction results. Rest as much as possible and follow slow walks around the house to stop blood clotting.

After 2 weeks post liposuction

 After two weeks post-liposuction, you will experience a reduction in soreness and discomfort after the procedure. Many people also return to work soon. Taking a few days off is better if your job requires physical exertion. You have to wear compression clothing all through this time, and the doctor will recommend showers instead of baths during your healing period. 

3 to 5 weeks after liposuction surgery

 A month post liposuction surgery, you will experience little or no pain; you might have some swelling, but it is normal as it may take months to disappear completely. The liposuction results week by week will get better as swelling and bruising decrease. After discussing with the doctor, many patients can do moderate exercises post four weeks but keep in mind to avoid intense workouts. 

6 weeks and above post-liposuction

post-liposuction, the sixth week will have no swelling and bruising as all will be gone. Swelling may be minimal and can last in some people. The compression garments are removed this week, and you can carry out more vigorous activities after your surgeons recommendation. Also, you will feel the benefits of the liposuction procedure that it has offered. 

Ways to heal fast after liposuction

According to the plastic surgeon in Gurgaon, the best way to recover from liposuction is by following all post liposuction guidelines. It will take four to six weeks to recover from the procedure, and the liposuction results week by week, as explained above in detail. The pain after the surgery is manageable using painkillers recommended by your surgeon. Also, to recover fast, you have to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, blood thinner medications, vigorous exercises, and sodium-rich foods post-liposuction procedure. 

Ways to maintain the liposuction results 

Complete recovery takes time, and the real effect of liposuction results is not evident for six months or even a year although you will be able to see the transformation immediately . After that, you will be happy and satisfied with your overall experience. After the procedure, eating healthy and exercising regularly is best to maintain the results. The Liposuction surgery in Gurgaon is done by different techniques, including, Tumescent liposuction; Ultra assisted Liposuction; Radio Frequency enhanced Liposuction, Laser-assisted Liposuction, and Hi-Definition Liposuction. Here in Gurgaon, the liposuction procedure is safe and effective, and also it carries a minimal element of risk. Dr. Ritesh Anand is an expert cosmetic and plastic surgeon who is highly experienced in liposuction surgeries and holds the highest qualification in this field. Book your appointment with Dr. Ritesh Anand if you seek the liposuction surgery.