Scar Revision Surgery

Posted By:Dr. Ritesh Anand On 2022/02/02

Do you have a scar on any of your body parts and do you feel embarrassed about the same? Then going for a scar revision procedure will help to work on that. After this procedure, not only the scar will not be easy to notice for the people but it will also boost up your confidence. Scar removal surgery cost includes the blending of that scar with your skin tone of that region. On matching the skin tone after performing a laser scar revision, that scar, caused after the process of healing of a wound or due to an injury, will not be affecting your appearance. Scar removal surgery cost is completely dependent on the type of scar and can be discussed in advance with the surgeon.

Procedure Followed:

  1. Anesthesia:
  2. Before starting up with the laser scar revision procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the person so that they do not experience any pain and the entire procedure ends up smoothly.

  3. Treatment:
  4. Depending upon the size, location, and type of your scar, the best way to blend it with the surrounding skin is opted by the doctor. For each type of treatment, the scar removal surgery cost also varies. In tropical treatment, products such as medical gels or tapes are used to treat that existing scar on your body. In the case of the injectable treatment, if there are voids on your skin due to that scar, then the same can be filled using dermal filler. After the passage of time, the filler will help in reduce collagen that is formed on the scar, and thus it will be less visible.
    Other surface treatment options such as dermabrasion, laser therapy, chemical peel solutions, and skin bleaching agents can also be used to treat the scar as well as the irregularities on your skin.

  5. Incision:
  6. This is only done in the case of deeper scars that are difficult to be treated by other methods. For such scars, an incision is made by a professional surgeon. After making an incision, the older scar is removed surgically.

  7. Closing Incisions:
  8. This is done when the layers of your scar have been reached below the tissue of your skin. Closing incisions are required to get rid of such scars. Other tissue substitutes are also introduction to your skin through this incision when enough amount of healthy tissues are not present. However, it can be removed by the method of closing incisions.

  9. Recovery:
  10. There are certain measures that you require to take after the laser scar revision procedure gets completed. While your scar is healing, you may experience swelling or other such discomforts for a couple of weeks after the completion of the procedure. If you select a good surgeon, you will feel free and comfortable to talk to them if you face any of the above-stated problems. The best outcomes can only be expected when you get it done by the professional hand of a good plastic surgeon. Scar removal surgery cost that is charged by the professional surgeons is quite affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ):

  1. Can Plastic Surgeons Remove Scars?
    Yes, plastic surgery can be performed by the surgeons in order to remove the scar present at any part of your body. Both the scar types - discoloration as well as surface irregularities can be improved by the treatments performed by the plastic surgeons. They do have good knowledge and specialization in the treatment of skin related problems and laser scar revision.
  2. How Long Does Scar Revision Take to Heal?
    After going through the process of scar revision, a period of time is required to heal and blend that scar with your skin tone and texture. In most of the cases, if all the measures for care are taken after the procedure, then it does not require more than a couple of weeks to heal that scar. In case it does take long, then you may reach the surgeon so that medications for a faster recovery can be taken. One needs to be patient as it takes some time and will be faded slowly.
  3. Is Scar Revision Painful?
    If you are worried about the procedure of scar revision to be painful, then you do not need to be worried about that. When you visit the clinic, you are made comfortable with the environment. Followed by that, local anesthesia is applied so that the entire procedure is painless. You will not be feeling any pain in the part of your body where the surgeons are performing scar revision. Everything is well covered in scar removal surgery cost.
  4. What is the Cost of Scar Revision Surgery?
    Scar removal surgery cost is dependent on the number of factors. These factors include the type and size of the scar and the level of professionalism and preciseness of the surgeon. Generally, Scar removal surgery cost starts from Rs. 6,000 and can go up to Rs. 40,000 depending on your scar.