10 Tips For Smooth Recovery after Vaser liposuction

Posted By:Dr. Ritesh Anand On 2024/06/10

Vaser liposuction is a cosmetic surgery known for its effectiveness in breaking down and eliminating chunks of stubborn fat from the body. It is a fairly common body modification procedure. Though minimally invasive, the recovery period of this treatment can stretch up to a couple of months. During these months of Vaser liposuction recovery, it is essential to follow expert advice tips and tricks for rapid recovery. Dr. Ritesh Anand, who has an impeccable record for performing effective Vaser liposuction surgeries, recommends sticking to these tips thoroughly. Learn more about the recommended tips for Vaser lipo from the article below. 

Understanding the Vaser liposuction procedure

Vibration amplification of sound energy is typically performed to eliminate deposits of fats unaffected by diet and exercise. Areas like the neck, waistline, hips, buttocks, chin, arms, upper back, etc are focused on in this surgery for eradicating fat cells. The Vaser lipo process employs ultrasound waves to break down fat cells residing between the skin and muscles. As it uses advanced ultrasound technology, Vaser liposuction recovery is typically quicker than the traditional liposuction process.

Recovery time of Vaser liposuction treatment

Dr. Ritesh Anand is a leading cosmetic surgeon in India known for medical care with holistic approaches and cutting-edge techniques. According to him, the recovery duration can extend from a few weeks to months, depending on the individuals and areas treated. In general, it takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to completely recover from Vaser lipo surgery and see visible results. This duration is almost half of traditional liposuction, which can take up to 6 months and more of recovery time. In some cases, patients can resume their routines after 2-3 weeks of getting the Vaser liposuction surgery. A brief timeline is described below to help you understand the recovery process better.

  • After discussing with your surgeon, you can likely return home within a few hours of your liposuction. 
  • In the first 2-4 days, you will experience moderate swelling, bruising, and post-procedure pain. At this time, the excess fluids may drain from your treated areas. 
  • In the first week, you are refrained from taking off compression garments and doing heavy workouts. The swelling, bruising, and discomfort subsides a little in this duration. 
  • From weeks 2 to 3, the pain reduces by a lot, while some swelling may persist. You can resume your work in this timeframe and continue wearing compression garments. 
  • From the 4th week and beyond, your pain and discomfort fade away while subtle swelling and bruising are visible. These decrease with each passing day. After around 4-5 weeks, your Vaser liposuction results will improve and be visible. For better results, you are recommended to continue wearing compression apparel, avoid pressuring workouts, and incorporate light exercises in your routine.

10 tips recommended for quick Vaser liposuction recovery 

For a sound vaser lipo recovery, you are advised to follow the recommended tips and suggestions stated below. 

Prepare post-surgery plans ahead of the surgery

Before getting this body contouring procedure, prepare thoroughly for post-procedure care. Discuss work-related leaves with your superiors. Inform your friends or family beforehand, as you will need optimal care and attention in the first 2 days of the surgery. Stock on healthy foods and beverages before the surgery, as you cannot move around much in the initial days. 

Understand what to expect after the surgery

To get satisfactory vaser lipo recovery results, understanding what to expect after the surgery is important. Know that you will experience fluid drainage, moderate discomfort, swollen treatment areas, and bruising in the initial 4-5 days. All these subside gradually over time, so you need to prepare yourself for the same to avoid any disappointments. To see completely visible results, you will need to wait anywhere from 3 to 6 months. This depends on the condition of your body and the areas treated. Be patient with yourself during this time to get optimal results. 

Ensure a healthy diet and stay hydrated

Keep yourself properly hydrated after an hour or two after the surgery. Hydration plays a pivotal role in fuelling your recovery after Vaser liposuction by flushing the excess fluids from your surgical areas. Consume healthy and anti-inflammatory foods rich in vitamins and other nutrients and avoid excess sugary and salty drinks. This will help in subduing swelling around the surgical areas. Some nutrient-rich foods that you can consider for rapid recovery are walnuts, decaffeinated green tea, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. 

Ensure to wear compression garments

Your surgeon will recommend wearing compression around the clock for the first 7 days. After a follow-up, depending on your condition, you can remove these garments only while taking showers. Your lipo surgeon will observe the condition of your body after 3 or 4 weeks. During this time, you will be advised of the hours you need to keep these garments on. Rest well and keep away from the gym

For a swift recovery after Vaser liposuction, you are prohibited from doing activities that apply pressure to your treated areas. This includes performing heavy workouts at the gym or doing strenuous exercises. Additionally, take ample rest throughout the recovery process so that your body can heal on its own. In the first few days, do not sit or stand for long durations. 

Steer clear of smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking blood-thinning medicines

Some medications will be prescribed by your lipo surgeon to subdue pain and discomfort arising from the surgery. Only take the prescribed medications, as other medications may result in thinning of your blood. This increases the chances of bleeding from surgical areas. Consumption of alcohol and smoking should be avoided before and after the surgery as these may result in slower recovery. Alcohol, like some medicines, will make your blood thinner, while smoking leads to a lower blood supply, which can cause complications post-surgery.

Take care of the treated areas 

In the first two days, the excess fluids will drain from your treated areas. Your surgeon will insert thin tubes near the surgical areas to regulate the free draining of fluids. After 4 or 5 days, you will need to schedule an appointment with your lipo practitioner to remove these tubes. Additionally, you need to keep the areas clean and bandaged to avoid any bacterial build-up near the incisions, as this may lead to infections.

Consider getting lymphatic massages 

For a smooth Vaser lipo recovery day by day, most cosmetic surgeons suggest lymphatic drainage massages. The gentle pressure applied on various body parts during this massage technique helps regulate blood circulation and drain any fluid residues. Keep in mind that in the initial week, the massages need to be very gentle. Avoid applying direct pressure on the wounds as this may result in bleeding and infections. 

Include light exercises in your routine 

Unlike heavy workouts that strain the body and result in complications in the treated areas, light exercising helps rejuvenate overall health. Consider taking short walks after 4 or 5 days of the surgery to regular blood flow and aid internal healing. Regular short walks also help reduce the swelling and prevent blood clots that might form from long hours of standing or sitting. You are advised to include other exercises in your routine only after consulting with the concerned lipo surgeon. 

Avoid showering immediately after surgery 

In the initial days of your Vaser lipo recovery time, your skin is in a vulnerable condition. When you take showers immediately after the surgery, your wounds soak, leading to infections. This is why taking showers is restricted for the first 2-3 days. In addition, only take short showers with lukewarm water, as using hot water induces excess inflammation. Likewise, avoid scrubbing, scratching wounds, or applying any chemical products to your surgical areas while showering. You should also avoid bathing, swimming, or other such activities that lead to injections through soaking of incisions. 

Go for routine checkups after surgery 

For a sound recovery of Vaser liposuction, regularly schedule appointments with your lipo practitioner to monitor your progress. Follow all the medical instructions, prescriptions, and lifestyle suggestions with patience and care. Let your surgeon know immediately if you experience immense pain, fevers, unbearable soreness and swellings, excess bleeding, or fluid drainage. All these complications may halt your recovery process and affect the results negatively.


With the above-mentioned tips, you can smoothly navigate the healing process in the right direction to help you achieve the best results. However, following your surgeons instructions plays a key role in swift healing when it comes to Vaser liposuction surgery. Known for his exceptional liposuction treatments, Dr. Ritesh Anand provides personalized care and guidelines to help you live a healthy life post-Vaser liposuction surgery. He also ensures regular monitoring to avoid regaining body fats after the surgery.