Liposuction Or Tummy Tuck, Which One Is Better ?

Posted By:Dr. Ritesh Anand On 2021/11/17

People are often confused between liposuction and tummy tuck surgery. Mostly they do not know the difference between the two and get confused between these, assuming them to be the same. But that may affect your decision regarding the surgery which you need to go for. Thats why it is mandatory to know the difference between these procedures so that you can choose what suits your requirements.

But the most common question that most people have after their transplant is about the way they should sleep after the transplant. What is the best posture, what precautions are needed while sleeping, are the common questions that come to a patients mind.In this article, we will discuss the differences between the two procedures and which would be the best surgery for you according to your requirements and expectations.

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1. Liposuction VS Tummy Tuck, What’s The Difference?

Contrary to popular belief, liposuction and tummy tuck are two very different surgical procedures. Let us discuss these two separately.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes the adipose tissue or the fat cells in a specific problem area of your body. This procedure is done for targeted weight loss. If you suffer from excess fat in a particular place like your abdomen, buttock, thighs, arms, etc and you want to get rid of this excess fat, then you should opt for this procedure.

Although there are certain things that you should be aware:

  • Liposuction does lead to some weight loss but this does not mean that you cannot gain that weight back.
  • If you do not maintain a good diet and adequate exercise, other areas of your body that have not undergone liposuction will accumulate extra fat.

Tummy tuck surgery

A lot of people assume the tummy tuck surgery to be a weight loss procedure but that is not correct. It is done when a person has undergone major weight loss and has excess loose skin over the abdomen. During the procedure, this excess skin is excised and stitched back together to make the skin over the abdomen taut.

2. Which One Is For You?

As it has been clarified above that both these procedures are very different from each other and the choice between them has to be done accordingly.

Liposuction will remove the fat cells in the target organ and prevent you from accumulating fat there in the future.

But always remember that liposuction is NOT an alternative to healthy weight loss techniques like eating a well-balanced diet and exercise. Even before undergoing the procedure, you will be expected to be in your target weight range for about 6 months. Healthy people who remain in their targeted weight range but have excess fat accumulated in one particular region are the best candidates for liposuction.

People who were once overweight but have already undergone the weight loss journey should opt for tummy tuck surgery. After losing the excess weight if these people have loose, saggy skin in the body parts with previous excess fat, then they can opt for the tummy tuck surgery. This procedure will help them get rid of this excess loose skin. These people are the perfect candidates for tummy tuck surgery.

Again, always remember that tummy tuck surgery is NOT a weight loss procedure.

3. What To Expect?

The end results, recovery time, etc are all different for both these two procedures and you should have complete knowledge about these so that you can make a more informed decision. If you are going for liposuction, then you need about 2 weeks of rest before you can resume your normal activities. There will be some other things that you would have to follow like taking antibiotics, wearing a compression belt to maintain the contour of the body organ, etc. All these precautions are required to get the best results from the surgery.

If you opt for tummy tuck surgery, then you are expected to avoid any heavy weight lifting or any strenuous exercise for about 6 weeks. You’ll be advised to wear the compression belt to avoid any swelling in the abdomen.

You will be discharged from the hospital in a few days but you need to stay at home and avoid any strenuous activities for up to 6 weeks. This will ensure best results out of your surgery.

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